Interface.Powering African Merchants with Access Finances. Energy. Endless Possibilities.

At Interface,We are harnessing the power of technology, data & partnerships to solve some of the most fundamental problems micro businesses face in the African Market.

Merchants across Africa have a hard time operating and manage their businesses. From time immemorial the African Merchant has been the nucleus of the African Economy. They serve as facilitators of trade and providers ofservices to the mass market While being the primary players in the African Economy they find it difficult to capture the value they create and grow whhich is built on;.


The company leverages on modern technology to deliver innovative solutions to the digitally and financially excluded across Nigeria.


The Company has established strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand its digital footprint and grassroots reach with innovative products.


Licensed by NIMC for NIN enrollment and registration. We have also secured a NIN Verification License from NIMC and can provide verification services Energy is the nucleus of our services at Interface. We are providing access to energy for productive use to the African informal sector.

We offer high-quality, clean energy technologies aimed at rapidly improving the lives of millions in Sub Saharan Africa.


  • Solar Home Systems
  • Solar Powered Cold Storage
  • Solar Irrigation Pumps
  • Improved Cooking Stove


  • Financial Inclusion
  • Micro Insurance
  • Micro Pension

Financing Options

Interface offers the following financing programs: Cash Sales: We distribute solar systems through adealer network of sales agents who are trained todo the installations. The end-users pay in cash fortheir system and either take it away or arrange delivery and/or installation.

Sales & Financing Program: This program offers financing of products over 0 -36 months leading toend-user system ownership. A minimum downpayment of N3,500 is required at the time of purchase.

Energy as a service (EASE): This program offers a lease option for larger systems where end-users pay a nominal upfront installation fee and continue daily, weekly or monthly payments for energy access credits. We monitor system performance, provide repair, exchange, and system upgrades services


Clean Energy Access: We offer high-quality, clean energy technologies aimed at rapidly improving the productivity of millions of businesses in West Africa. Rural Focus: Although Sub Saharan Africa overall is facing the lowest level of access to electricity worldwide, rural areas are facing the most challenges. Solving For Growth: Between 60-70 percent of business owners in the region say that a lack of power is the number one factor restricting their growth.


About 45% of Nigerians have 0 access to energy

The rest of are underserved with with a maximum generation capacity of 4000MW with periodic grid collapses

Energy poverty gap

  • 42m SMEs
  • 36m in rural communities


Our Partners are the engine that fuel our growth & accelerate our impact

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